Wound Dressing

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Smith & Nephew CUTIFILM Plus Transparent Dressing 7.2cmx5cm (1)

…Transparent Dressing 7.2cmx5cm (1)   Cutifilm* Plus is a sterile dressing for the treatment of post operative wounds.   Features:…

Price: NZ$2.20

Smith & Nephew CUTIPLAST Dressing 10cmx8cm (1)

…CUTIPLAST Dressing 10cmx8cm (1)   Conformable wound dressing for cuts, grazes and surgical wounds. Hypo-allergenic, non-stick wound pad.…

Price: NZ$2.50
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Nexcare - Soft Cloth Dressing Lenghts 4cm x1m - Sensitive Skin

…Soft Cloth Dressing Lenghts 4cm x 1m - Sensitive SkinSoft, stretchy wound dressing for sensitive skin. This porous and breathable dressing length can…

Price: NZ$6.90
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Elastoplast Sensitive Dressings 6cm x 10cm - 10 Pack

…all types of smaller wounds such as cuts, scratches and grazes.   Each plaster has a non-stick wound pad that provides the wound with cushioning and…

Price: NZ$7.50
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Fixomull Transparent 10cmx10m

…durable * Barrier against bacteria * Hygienic wound care * Reduces the risk of wound infections * Easy to apply ►View all Fixomull…

Price: NZ$96.35
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Elastoplast Non-Stick Dressings 5cm x 7.5cm - 5 Pack

Dressings 5cm x 7.5cm - 5 Pack   Elastoplast Non-Stick Dressings are highly absorbent, keeping the wound dry. They are cushioned to protect wounds and…

Price: NZ$8.75

Elastoplast Antibacterial XXL Waterproof Dressings 5

Elastoplast Antibacterial XXL Waterproof Dressings 5   Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof Plasters have a wound pad containing antiseptic silver…

Price: NZ$14.90

Smith & Nephew LEUKOSTRIP 4mmx38mm - 8 pieces

…Holds wound edges together * Helping reduce the risk of scarring * Easy to use * Sterile * Does not contain Latex   NB - Normally a dressing is placed…

Price: NZ$2.30

Elastoplast Antibacterial XL Sensitive Dressings 5

…Antibacterial XL Sensitive Dressings 5   Elastoplast Antibacterial Sensitive plasters have a wound pad containing antiseptic silver…

Price: NZ$4.99
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Leukoflex Tape 2.5cm x 5m

…is the surgical tape of choice when a dressing fixation needs to be impermeable to water. Wound dressings secured with Leukoflex® increase mobility,…

Price: NZ$7.99
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USL Medical Everyday Comprehensive First Aid Kit - Large Bag

…1 * Island Dressing 10cm x 6cm x 1c * Conforming Bandage 5cm x 1 * Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 1 * Crepe Bandage 5cm x 1 * Combine Dressing 10cm x 10cm…

Price: NZ$54.95

Propax Combine Dressing 10cmx9xm (10)

Propax Combine Dressing 10cmx9xm (10)   Combine Dressing Pad, sealed at both ends and sterile.     ºView…

Price: NZ$6.50
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