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Snorel - Snoring Relief Spray 50ml

Snorel - Snoring Relief Spray 50ml  Snoring occurs due to obstruction of free flowing air through the passages at the back of the throat. This happens…

Price: NZ$24.50
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Snoreeze Throat Spray 23.5ml

Spray   Snoreeze Throat Spray targets the main cause of snoring and is ideal if you tend to snore more when lying on your back. Snoreeze Throat Spray

Price: NZ$26.95
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Silence - Anti-Snoring Spray 50ml

…- Anti-Snoring Spray 50ml   Silence Anti Snoring Spray acts directly on the main cause of snoring, the throat tissues. Snoring is extremely common…

Price: NZ$26.50
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Snoreeze Nasal Spray 10ml

Snoreeze Nasal Spray Snoreeze Nasal Spray is ideal for snoring caused by a cold, allergies or a blocked nose. The spray contains a blend of active…

Price: NZ$19.40
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Snoreeze Oral Strips 14 - Great for Travelling

…Snoreeze Throat spray. These fast dissolving, mint flavoured strips target the main cause of snoring and are ideal if you tend to snore more when…

Price: NZ$12.60
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Breathe Right Nasal Strips 30 - Original Large

…Drug-free. Easy-to-apply. Breathe Right® Original nasal strips relieve snoring and night time nasal congestion due to colds and allergies for adults…

Price: NZ$28.95

Breathe Right Nasal Strips 10 - Clear Small/Medium

…your nasal passages * Opens your nose up to 38% more than decongestant sprays alone * Can be used by people ages 5 and older * For sensitive skin  …

Price: NZ$11.95
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