Sleeping Sedatives

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Clinicians Sleep Science Capsules 30

Clinicians Sleep Science Clinicians Sleep Science is a powerful and unique new formulation consisting of ETAS (Asparagus shoot extract), known to…

Price: NZ$24.75
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Solgar 5-HTP 100mg Capsules 90

…body from 5-HTP and is involved in mood, sleep and appetite regulation.  5-HTP is used to support healthy sleep patterns, balanced mood and emotional…

Price: NZ$53.50
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Radiance Tart Cherry Sleep Plus VegeCaps 30

Sleep Plus is bolstered with high potency zizyphus seed extract to help minimise anxiety, stress and worry, while also acting as a natural sedative.  …

Price: NZ$16.90
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Remifemin SLEEP Tablets 30

…insomnia/poor sleep quality (nighttime). It may help to:   - Promote calm and restfulness - Support the onset of sleep and healthy sleep quality and…

Price: NZ$22.90
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BIOGLAN Ashwagandha Worry & Stress Capsules 60

…Relieve stress and mild anxiety * Relieve mild nervous tensions * As a sleep aid * Support memory enhancement * Support rejuvenation  …

Price: NZ$25.25
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Solgar Valerian Root VegeCaps 100

…for proven sleep and nervous system support.    Valerian has been proven to be an effective natural supplement to support healthy sleep patterns and…

Price: NZ$24.50
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Blackmores Valerian Forte Tablets 30

sleep patterns * Traditionally used to support relaxation * Allows you to wake refreshed   Additional Information: Valerian supports healthy sleeping

Price: NZ$13.20

Clinicians REM Sleep Capsules 30

…REM Sleep supports a healthy night s sleep, by supporting the processes of getting to sleep and staying asleep. Clinicians REM Sleep provides…

Price: NZ$13.95
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Weleda Sleep & Relax Drops Oral Liquid 30ml

Sleep & Relax Drops Oral Liquid 30ml   Calms nervous tension, mild anxiety and promotes relaxation. Helps relieve insomnia and aid restful sleep.

Price: NZ$18.80

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray 15ml - Expiry 02/19

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray 15ml  Natural aid to restful sleep  Magnesium is an essential element for a healthy body and is used in over…

Price: NZ$5.50
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Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula Tablets 28 - Expiry 05/19

…healthy sleeping patterns* May help to calm an overactive mind to fall asleep* Helps to wake refreshed* May aid transition into restful sleep  …

Price: NZ$19.80
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Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula Tablets 30

…asleep * Help you to sleep deeply and soundly * Allows you to wake refreshed   Additional Information: Valerian is a mild sedative and sleep-promoting…

Price: NZ$19.80
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