Skin Rash

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Sudocrem Healing Cream 60g

…effective ally for over 80 years and is great for soothing sore skin and treating nappy rash. Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is versatile enough to…

Price: NZ$8.10

DermAid 0.5% Cream 30g - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

…dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and minor skin irritations. Temporary relief for itching and rashes arising from eczema, dermatitis, soap, detergent,…

Price: NZ$9.95
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Dermal Therapy Skin Relief Cream 250ml

…symptoms associated with rashes and flare-ups including itching, redness, minor irritations and dry patches of skin. Designed to soothe symptoms…

Price: NZ$17.95
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Hydrocortisone Cream 1% 30g - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

For the temporary relief of itching associated with minor skin irritations and rashes due to eczema, sunburn, insect bites, soaps, detergents,…

Price: NZ$11.20
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Eurax Cream 20g

…non-greasy cream provides quick relief from itchiness caused by skin infections/irritation including scabies, allergic rashes and itchy dermatitis.  

Price: NZ$8.95
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Canesten Extra Clotrimazole & Hydrocortisone Cream 30g - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies- Expiry 05/20

…symptoms of thrush * Jock itch * Fungally infected nappy rash * Ringworm * Fungal skin rash * Fungally infected eczema or dermatitis.  …

Price: NZ$15.75

Egoderm Cream 25g

…by common skin conditions such as dermatitis, particularly of the face or hands, persistent eczema, cosmetic or shaving rashes and as maintenance…

Price: NZ$7.90

Lucas' Papaw Ointment 15g - Tube with Lip Applicator

…and chafings, Cuts and cysts, Dry and Cracked skin on hands and feet, Gravel rash and heat rash, Insect stings and mosquito bites, Open wounds and…

Price: NZ$7.50
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Razene 10mg Antihistamine Tablets 30 - Quantity Restriction (6) applies

…certain medicines or chemicals. With these, symptoms appear mainly as skin rashes. All the symptoms described are due to what is called an allergic…

Price: NZ$8.45
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Clomazol Broad Spectrum Anti-Fungal Topical Cream 1% 20g

…effective treatment for fungal skin conditions such as tinea, athletes foot, ring worm, candidal infections including nappy rash and jock itch.

Price: NZ$6.50

Virtuous Skincare - Skin Repair Cream 100g

…heels * Dehydrated skin * Dermatitis * Eczema * Insect bites / stings * Minor burns * New scarring * Pigmentation * Psoriasis * Rashes * Stretch marks…

Price: NZ$35.00

Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Cream 100g

…s skin gently, providing both prevention and treatment of nappy rash. Curash Nappy Rash Cream is:* Alcohol free* Suitable for sensitive skin* Smooth…

Price: NZ$6.90
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