Runny Nose

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UNIVENT Nasal Spray 15ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

…Relieves symptoms of rhinorrhoea (runny nose).   Univent Nasal Spray (Ipratropium) is effective in treating a runny nose occurring as a result of…

Price: NZ$8.90
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Livostin Nasal Spray 10ml - Expiry 08/20

…long-lasting relief of nasal complaints, such as sneezing and runny or itching nose, associated with allergies to, for example, grass, pollen, moulds…

Price: NZ$15.80

FESS Sensitive Noses Nasal Spray 30ml

…to nasal congestion, runny noses and itchy eyes because of their allergies.   Colds and Flu: FESS Sensitive Noses thins and clears excess…

Price: NZ$12.80
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Maxiclear Cold & Nasal Relief Hayfever & Sinus Relief Tablets 30 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

…For the temporary relief of nasal and sinus congestion, hayfever, runny nose, watery and itchy eyes and sneezing.    ºView…

Price: NZ$10.95
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ETHICS Nasal Decongestant Tablets 24 - Expiry 02/21

…  For symptomatic relief of sinus congestion, blocked or runny noses.           ºView…

Price: NZ$7.40
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Lorapaed Liquid 150ml - Quantity Restrictions (3) Applies - Expiry 03/21

…and allergic rhinitis. For relief from symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose & burning, itchy eyes due to hayfever and other allergies.…

Price: NZ$15.90

Codral Day & Night Tablets 24 Codeine FREE - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

…temporary relief of:   - headaches and fever. - blocked/runny noses. - body aches and pains.     ºView all Codral…

Price: NZ$14.60
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ETHICS Cold & Flu Relief + Decongestant Day & Night Tablets 24

…relief of strong body aches and pain, sore throat, fever & blocked or runny nose.   ºView all ETHICS Products  

Price: NZ$10.90
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Codral Nightime Cold & Flu Tablets 24 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

…* Sore throat * Strong Body aches and pain * Fever * Blocked Nose * Runny Nose * Allows you to rest   Available in: 24 tablets (approximately…

Price: NZ$12.40
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Harker Herbals Sinus Clear 250ml - Be Well

…years * Can be taken long term   Indicated for: * Sinus congestion * Runny nose * Dry, scratchy throat and a heavy head   ►View all Harker…

Price: NZ$24.85
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Duro-Tuss PE DRY Cough + NASAL DECONGESTANT Syrup 200ml - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

…+ NASAL DECONGESTANT relieves dry coughs and clears a blocked or runny nose.   - Sugar Free - Lactose Free - Gluten Free  …

Price: NZ$16.45
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Levrix 5mg Tablets 10 - Quantity Restriction (10) Applies

…Levrix relieves: * Runny Nose * Itchy Nose * Skin Allergies * Itchy Eyes * Sneezing * Watery Eyes * Blocked Nose - Proven nasal decongestion…

Price: NZ$9.95
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