Probiotic For Children

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Nutralife ProBiotica Kid's Daily Chewable Tablets 30

…Nutra-Life Probiotica for Kids supports the health and function of the immune system.   Any parent with young children knows a healthy immune…

Price: NZ$12.20

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Daily Immune Kids 1g Sachets 30 - FRIDGE FREE - Expiry 10/20

…contains the exclusive probiotic strain LGG® which is one of the world’s most researched probiotics for children, scientifically…

Price: NZ$39.00

Nordic Naturals Probiotic Gummies KIDS 60 Expiry-04/20

for children. With 1.5 billion live cultures, Probiotic Gummies Kids is a synergistic formula that combines Bacillus coagulans, a potent probiotic,

Price: NZ$41.80

Comwell Probiotics For Kids 10 Billion Powder 1.5g Sachets 30

Comwell Probiotics For Kids 10 Billion Powder 1.5g Sachets 30   A unique blend of 3 probiotic strains and formulated with specifically-cultured acid…

Price: NZ$30.70

ChildLife 'Tummy Bundle' - Organic Gripe Water 59ml + ChildLife Probiotics with Colostrum Powder 50g - BOUNTY PROMOTION

…is the only product that combines: * Probiotics -  bifido and acidophilus species of probiotics for optimum intestinal health * Prebiotics…

Price: NZ$68.50

Radiance Kids Probiotic Strawberry Chewable Tablets 45

…Radiance® Kids Probiotic to your kids.    Benefits For children aged 2-12 * Support during and after antibiotic therapy, * Support for tummy upsets, *…

Price: NZ$16.75
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Blis DailyDefence Junior with BLIS K12 Powder 45g - Strawberry - Expiry 05/20

…Junior with BLIS K12TM is scientifically developed oral probiotic for children that supports ear, nose and throat immunity by crowding out…

Price: NZ$13.95
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Nature's Way Herbal - Primadophilus Kids Chewable Tablets 30

for 2-12 year   Primadophilus® is a high potency, broad spectrum probiotic chewable tablet. Designed especially for children 2-12…

Price: NZ$21.80
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Nature's Way NZ - Kids Smart Probiotic Choc Balls 50- Expiry 12/20

Probiotic Choc Balls are the delicious way to boost probiotic intake. Probiotics are the good bacteria found in the digestive tract, important for a…

Price: NZ$15.90

Lifemum Probiotics Powder 60g - For Baby & Child - Expiry 03/20

…months of age and children. Lifemum Probiotics for Baby & Child contains Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria probiotics to:   * Support…

Price: NZ$27.75
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Nature's Way Herbal - Primadophilus Reuteri Capsules 90 - Expiry 30/06/20

…Reuteri is a quick acting, broad spectrum probiotic for all the family.   Natures' Way top-selling probiotic brand Primadophilus® is blended with…

Price: NZ$39.50

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Gastro Relief Capsules 30 - Expiry 07/20

For a healthy gastrointestinal system and digestive function in adults and children.   Gastro Relief is an exclusive blend of probiotic

Price: NZ$37.70
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