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Nutralife ProBiotica Adult 50+ Years Capsules 30- Expiry 18/05/20

probiotic strains to provide digestive and immune benefits as we age * Includes Inulin, a prebiotic to help nourish and feed the probiotics,

Price: NZ$25.50

Blackmores Probiotics+ Daily Health Capsules 30 - Expiry 31/07/20

…contains five clinically trialled* probiotic strains providing 30 billion good bacteria, plus a prebiotic. It helps restore digestive balance and…

Price: NZ$24.70

Blackmores Probiotics+ Immune Support Capsules 30 - Expiry 03/20

…formula contains five clinically trialled probiotic strains providing 20 billion good bacteria, plus a prebiotic, vitamin C and zinc helping support…

Price: NZ$19.05
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Nordic Naturals Probiotic Gummies KIDS 60 Expiry-04/20

…live cultures, Probiotic Gummies Kids is a synergistic formula that combines Bacillus coagulans, a potent probiotic, with prebiotic fiber. This…

Price: NZ$41.80

Good Health Immuno-Biotic Capsules 30

…Immuno-Biotic is a clinically researched PRE and PRObiotic in one! The PREbiotic feeds the PRObiotic and other good bacteria in the gut, together…

Price: NZ$17.80

Lifestream Bowel Biotics FIBRE Capsules 100

…maintain bowel health * Provides prebiotics and probiotics It is widely recognised that using prebiotics and probiotics helps support long-term bowel…

Price: NZ$19.35
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Grenera Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules 90

…to be eliminated. Pectin also acts as prebiotic, encouraging healthy gut flora by supporting growth of probiotic bacteria. Potassium works along with…

Price: NZ$29.50

Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Metabolise Capsules 60

…Advanced Probiotics Metabolise Capsules 60   Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Metabolise contains 7 powerful strains plus FOS prebiotic and is…

Price: NZ$14.95
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Healtheries KidsCare Probiotic +Prebiotic Chewables 30 - Vanilla Cream

Healtheries KidsCare Probiotic +Prebiotic Chewables 30 - Vanilla Cream   Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your gut.…

Price: NZ$10.25

Swisse Ultinatal Probiotic Powder Baby - 28 Sachets

…fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a prebiotic. Prebiotics nourish good bacteria and help support the adherence of probiotics to your baby s gut.  …

Price: NZ$33.50

Nature's Way NZ - Restore Probiotic Choc Balls 60 - Expiry 30/12/20

…friendly probiotics in each chocball and include L. acidophilus and B. lactis – two probiotics, plus a prebiotic to support probiotic

Price: NZ$20.55
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GO Healthy GO Kombucha 500mg Probiotic Plus 12B 1-A-Day Capsules 60

…60 GO KOMBUCHA 500mg PROBIOTIC PLUS 12B 1-A-DAY contains a synergistic combination of Kombucha, Probiotics and the Prebiotic FOS, all working together…

Price: NZ$23.90
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