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Solgar Potassium Tablets 100

Solgar Potassium tablets are a well absorbed form of Potassium to support cardiovascular health and is an important nutrient for sports…

Price: NZ$16.30
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NOW Potassium Chloride Powder 227g

Potassium Chloride Powder 227g   What is Potassium Chloride Powder? Now Potassium Chloride is pharmaceutical grade and sodium free. Potassium

Price: NZ$16.25
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NOW Potassium Citrate 99mg Capsules 180

NOW Potassium Citrate 99mg Capsules 180   What is Potassium Citrate? Potassium is an essential mineral that is widely distributed among food…

Price: NZ$16.25
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Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml

…Features & Benefits:   * Rich in enzymes and potassium. * Supports a healthy immune system. * May be helpful in controlling…

Price: NZ$14.40
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Source Naturals Potassium Tablets 100

Source Naturals Potassium Tablets 100   Potassium is essential for nerve function, muscle strength, glycogen formation, and the regulation of heart…

Price: NZ$18.40

Solgar Dandelion Root VegeCaps 100

…* Great liver, kidney and bowel tonic * Natural diuretic rich in potassium * Suitable for vegans * Ideal for those who have a sluggish bowel,…

Price: NZ$24.45
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Radiance Superfoods Beetroot Organic Powder 100g

…SuperFood Beetroot known to be loaded with nitrates, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and iron as well as vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and folic…

Price: NZ$9.50

Skybright Liquid Concentrate Ionic Potassium Drops 50ml

Skybright Liquid Concentrate Ionic Potassium Drops 50ml  Potassium works with sodium, magnesium and calcium to support the regulation of normal blood…

Price: NZ$21.70
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Red Seal Blackstrap Molasses 500g

…provides approximately 168mg of calcium and 2.5mg of iron. * Rich in potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.   ►View all Red Seal Products  

Price: NZ$5.95
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NOW Cayenne 500mg Veg Capsules 100

…remedy for headaches. The pepper also contains Vitamin C, E, B6, potassium, providing antioxidant properties. ºView all Now…

Price: NZ$16.25

Horleys Replace Electrolytes Sports Drink Powder 580g - Orange Mango

…physical and mental sports performance. The electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are in Replace to replenish those lost in sweat.…

Price: NZ$16.90

Grenera Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules 90

…the vinegar.   The apple cider vinegar contains the pectin, potassium, magnesium and malic acid. The pectin has the property to absorb the…

Price: NZ$29.50
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