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MoliCare Skintegrity Cleansing Foam 400ml

…skin stress.   * Especially good for faecal incontinence * Odour neutralising * pH 5.5 to maintain the skin’s acid mantle and…

Price: NZ$13.45

Lifestream Body Cleansing Chlorella Powder 100g

…Acts as an internal cleanse * A natural detoxifier * Helps to reduce body odour * Helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals   Detoxification is…

Price: NZ$26.50
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Nilodor Spray Mist Deodoriser 100ml

odours occur.   * Deodorizes your average sized room in seconds * Effectively neutralises odours. * Economical, with just one spray the odour

Price: NZ$6.90
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NODOUR Feet Foot Odour Powder 120gm

If you suffer from smelly feet or shoes, it can be embarrassing. Give your shoes and feet a treat with "NODOUR Feet".

Price: NZ$18.50

Dermal Therapy Foot Odour Control Powder Spray 210ml

Dermal Therapy Foot Odour Control Powder Spray 210ml   Dermal Therapy Foot Odour Control Powder Spray is a unique, triple active action…

Price: NZ$16.50

GO Healthy GO Garlic 20,000mg Low Odour Low Reflux Capsules 30

GO Healthy Go Garlic Low Odour Low Reflux 20.000mg - provides a highly concentrated source of Garlic, in an easy to swallow, one a day VegeCapsule…

Price: NZ$14.95
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Actifresh Foot Spray 100ml

…foot odour, but also works to prevent odour from returning.   Unlike other foot odour products, ActiFresh does not simply mask the odour but targets…

Price: NZ$19.50

RepHresh Vaginal Gel - Applicators 4

…Gel helps control feminine odour because it gets to the source of odour. While other products try to mask feminine odour with deodorising scents or…

Price: NZ$24.80
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Natio for Men Antiperspirant Deodorant 100ml

…Deodorant 100ml Long lasting odour protection with a light and fresh fragrance. Antiperspirant helps stop odour and wetness   Benefits Quick drying.…

Price: NZ$12.85
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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Powder 100g

…Keep foot odours at bay with Thursday Plantation Foot Powder. The 100% naturally derived powder helps to keeps feet dry, sweat free and odour free. *…

Price: NZ$9.40

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray 50ml

…Refresh your feet and eliminate foot odour with this convenient Tea Tree Foot Spray. * Neutralises odours   Product Features: * Contains…

Price: NZ$5.70
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Neat Feat Anti-Bacterial Foot Spray 50ml

…prevent the spread of odour causing bacteria and maintain skin and nail health.   * Between the toes * Nails * Odour prevention  …

Price: NZ$14.40
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