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FESS Nasal Gel 15g

…provide soothing relief to the dry, delicate skin in and around your nostrils. The saline base also contains a gentle blend of Vitamin E, Olive Oil ,…

Price: NZ$10.75
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Harker Herbals Nature's Chest Rub 30g

…lotion absorbs directly into skin. May be rubbed directly into nostrils in severe cases of congestion.   * A chest balm that soothes…

Price: NZ$7.00

NeilMed NasaMist Saline Spray Nasal Wash 177ml

…and soothing dry nasal passages. Insert the Ultra Gentle Mist tip into nostril and press until adequate solution is sprayed. Medium Tip: This tip can…

Price: NZ$28.50

Ear And Nose Hair Scissors -

…distinctive design Helps trim the little hairs visible around the edges of nostrils or ears Rounded tips ensure gentle insertion into the outer area…

Price: NZ$119.85

Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray 15ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

…sinus pressure and shrinks swollen nasal membrane with just a few sprays in each nostril.   ºView all Vicks Range  

Price: NZ$9.45
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Mister Light Glow (Box Slightly Damaged) 1.6ml/0.05oz

…To use: Apply to darker areas of the face like eye contours, sides of nostrils, crease of chin, upper lip & center of forehead The quality of this…

Price: NZ$106.71
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