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Doctor's Best - Nattokinase 2,000 FUs Capsules 90

natto bean a traditional fermented soy food in Japan. It has been valued as a folk remedy in Japan for over 1000 years. During the natto production…

Price: NZ$33.75
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Enzymedica Natto-K Capsules 30

Enzymedica Natto-K Capsules 30  Natto-K contains specialized blends of enzymes including Nattokinase with NSK-SD® the only form of…

Price: NZ$41.50
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Radiance NattoZyme VegeCaps 120

Radiance NattoZyme VegeCaps 120   Natural Natto derived enzyme for support of cardiovascular health.   * Supports a healthy heart and circulatory…

Price: NZ$34.75

Mask - Natto Fermented Moisturizing (Nourishing) 8pcs

…structure that holds water & maximum essential fluids Enriched with Natto extract, high in botanical collagens, isoflavones & anti-oxidizing…

Price: NZ$19.84

Solgar Natural Vitamin K2 Capsules 50

…whole food source, the fermented soybean product Natto, a natural source of MK-7  * MK-7 from Natto Extract* Gluten & Wheat Free* Suitable for…

Price: NZ$24.85
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Doctor's Best - Vein Support with DiosVein and MenaQ7 Capsules 60

…MenaQ7®, a form of K2 found in the traditional Japanese fermented food, natto. Recent studies highlight the importance of adequate vitamin K2 levels…

Price: NZ$37.95
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GO Healthy GO K2 75mcg Advanced Bone Care Capsules 30

…health advancement.  ActiveK is a pure natural extract derived from Natto, traditional Japanese fermented soya beans, and is the richest known source…

Price: NZ$21.95
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