Muscle Cramp

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Swisse Magnesium Tablets 120

…to help support healthy muscle function, help reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, help  to help relieve muscle cramps/spasms, nervous tension…

Price: NZ$25.95

CRAMPEZE Night Cramps Capsules 120

cramping problems as it provides long lasting cramp relief * Provides daily relief and prevention of night Spasms and Muscle cramps *…

Price: NZ$28.50
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Good Health Magnesium Sustained Release Tablets 60

…tension & anxiety * Muscle cramps and twitches * Difficulty sleeping * Night cramps and Restless legs * Tight muscles * Athletes assists…

Price: NZ$15.95

NZ Natural Formulas Cramp Stop Spray 25ml

NZ Natural Formulas Cramp Stop Spray 25ml   CRAMP-STOP is designed to be used by anyone who suffers from muscle cramp at any time. It is made…

Price: NZ$22.25
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Naturo Pharm Complex Sports Action Anti-Cramp Spray 25ml

…the body's normal response to cramps caused by exercise or sporting activity. Helps restore normal muscle function and movement. It is available…

Price: NZ$19.80
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Schuessler Tissue Salts Oral Spray Muscle Relaxant Mag Phos 30ml

…* All cramps & spasms * Flatulence * Spasmodic palpitations * Cramping & headaches * Nervous tension * Muscle cramps   ►View…

Price: NZ$10.10
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Nutralife Super Calcium & Magnesium Capsules 90

…are essential for nerve and muscle function and helping to maintain healthy bones and teeth * Calcium flows into muscle tissue cells causing them to…

Price: NZ$12.20
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Mintec Capsules 20 - Expiry 11/20

…effective natural agent for the treatment of the abdominal pain, wind, cramps and spasm associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)  …

Price: NZ$12.85
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Schuessler Tissue Salts Cream Muscle Relaxant Mag Phos 75g

cramps, hiccups, convulsive fits of coughing and those sudden, sharp twinges of pain that are so distressing.   Assists with: * Muscle cramps * Spasms…

Price: NZ$9.00

CRAMPEZE Night Cramps Capsules 30

…persistent cramping problems as it provides long lasting cramp relief * Provides daily relief and prevention of night Spasms and Muscle cramps *…

Price: NZ$14.95
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CRAMPEZE Night Cramps FORTE Tablets 60

CRAMPEZE Night Cramps FORTE   Crampeze Night Cramps Forte contains double strength magnesium to help maintain proper muscle function and provide…

Price: NZ$27.90
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GO Healthy GO Magnesium 650 Plus Cramp Bark Capsules 120

Cramp Bark is a well known herb which is used to support muscle tone and relaxation. Benefits: * Convenient one a day dose * Helps to relax muscles *…

Price: NZ$29.80
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