Itch Spray

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Hopes Relief Dry Skin Itchy Skin Topical Spray 90ml

…Topical Spray 60g   Breakthrough spray no touch, no ouch! * Easy to apply, no need to rub it in * Moisturising * Helps relieve itching due to dry…

Price: NZ$24.90
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WashBar Manuka + Kakadu Itch Soothe Topical Spray 125ml

…Start by spraying them with WashBar Itch Soothe Topical Spray for instant relief, and then use the shampoo for bathing. * The topical spray provides…

Price: NZ$20.30

Stingose SPRAY 25ml

Stingose Spray helps to minimise the pain, inflammation and itching associated with stings and bites of most insects and plants, including ants, bees,…

Price: NZ$9.35
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Bosistos Eucalyptus Aerosol SPRAY 200g

…vigorously massage sprayed areas.   Insect Bites Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray helps gives soothing relief from the pain and itch of minor…

Price: NZ$13.30

Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution Spray 125ml/4.2oz

High performance leave-in daily treatment spray Fortifies a healthy scalp & relieves itching Visibly eliminates dandruff in just 1 week Lippia…

Price: NZ$69.96
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Bosistos Lavender Aerosol SPRAY 125g

…Bosisto's Lavender Spray may be useful to help deter insects at home or when camping. Spray on skin to ease the pain and itching of mosquito and…

Price: NZ$13.30

Tea Tree Oil Soothing Scalp Spray 89ml/3oz

A soothing & balancing scalp spray Helps instantly relieve itching, irritation & dry scalp in between shampoos Contains Tea Tree Oil, a…

Price: NZ$29.70

Livostin Nasal Spray 10ml - Expiry 07/21

…Nasal spray contains an antihistamine which provides rapid and long-lasting relief of nasal complaints, such as sneezing and runny or itching nose,…

Price: NZ$15.80
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Naturo Pharm Complex Allermed Relief Spray 25mL

…nor cause drowsiness.   It is available in both convenient oral spray and tablet form and also comes as a rapidly absorbed gel for…

Price: NZ$19.40

Bosistos Tea Tree Aerosol SPRAY 125g

spray footwear as required. Helps kill bacteria.   Insect Bites & Stings Spray directly onto the bite to ease the pain and itching of…

Price: NZ$13.30
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Audisol - Naturale Ear Spray 30ml

Audisol - Naturale Ear Spray 30ml (with atomiser spray)   AUDISOL® Naturalé contains a unique blend of herbal ingredients…

Price: NZ$18.20
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Neat Feat Natural Anti-Bacterial Foot Spray 50ml

Neat Feat Natural Anti-Bacterial Foot Spray 50ml    To prevent the spread of odour causing bacteria and maintain skin and nail…

Price: NZ$14.40
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