Itch Soothe

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Itch-Soothe Cream 10% 20g

Itch-Soothe Cream is beneficial for various forms of itching, those that are associated with skin allergies, chicken pox (where the skin is unbroken),…

Price: NZ$5.75

Dermal Therapy Anti Itch Cream 85g

Dermal Therapy Anti Itch Cream 85g   Dermal Therapy Anti Itch Cream 85g calms, relieves and sooths painful, itchy, red or swollen skin. A unique three…

Price: NZ$14.95

ETHICS 4 Way Antiseptic Soothing Cream 50g

Soothing Cream 50g   This brilliant all-purpose cream is recommended for the first aid treatment of insect bites, stings & itches and…

Price: NZ$9.95

WashBar Manuka + Kakadu Itch Soothe Topical Spray 125ml

Itch Soothe Topical Spray for instant relief, and then use the shampoo for bathing. * The topical spray provides convenient instant relief to itching

Price: NZ$20.30

Dermal Therapy Anti-Itch Soothing Lotion 250ml

…Therapy Anti-itch Soothing Lotion is a balanced blend of Colloidal Oatmeal, Canadian Willowherb and Menthol designed to soothe and relieve itchy,…

Price: NZ$17.60
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Artemis - Itch Calm Cream 50g

…Apply Itch Calm Cream liberally. For irritated skin, use in conjunction with Itch Calm Oral Liquid.   For fast soothing skin relief, rub on Itch Calm…

Price: NZ$21.50
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Artemis - Itch Calm Oral Liquid 200ml

…of irritants. Use in conjunction with Itch Calm Cream.   Use Itch Calm Oral Liquid to soothe skin irritation.   ►View…

Price: NZ$34.50

WashBar Manuka + Kakadu Itch Soothe Shampoo 250ml

…WashBar Itch Soothe Shampoo is 100% natural and made with a powerful blend of bio-active botanical extracts to relieve itching and scratching…

Price: NZ$23.60

MEBO Anti Itch Ointment 30g

MEBO Anti Itch Ointment 30g     MEBO anti itch is a natural ointment especially formulated to soothe the skin and reduce the urge to…

Price: NZ$17.90
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Therapeutic Itch Relief Lotion 227g/8oz

A lightweight, natural soothing moisturizer Deeply penetrates to nourish & soothe dry, itchy, irritated skin without cortisone or other steroids…

Price: NZ$25.50

Deep Brilliance Soothe & Protect Hair & Scalp Protective Cream 950ml/32oz

A soothing & protecting cream for sensitive scalps Formulated with botanicals & oils to reduce irritation & itching Protects the scalp…

Price: NZ$73.53

Apicare Rescue Me Soothing Gel 90g

…provides a superior soothing gel. Rescue me really works well on insect bites by soothing and cooling the skin, reducing the need to itch and scratch.…

Price: NZ$17.90
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