Iron Tablets

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Sanderson Superior Organic Iron Tablets 100

…Superior Organic Iron Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world, including New Zealand. Iron is a mineral that…

Price: NZ$13.60
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Ferrograd Tablets 30 - Expiry 04/21

Controlled Realease Iron Tablets

Price: NZ$8.50
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Ferro-Tab Film Coated Tablets 100

…Coated Tablets 100   Effective treatment & prevention of iron deficiency anaemia.    Source of iron for the treatment of iron deficiency and iron

Price: NZ$12.50
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Healtheries Iron & Vitamin C Tablets 30

Healtheries Iron & Vitamin C Tablets 30    Why use Healtheries Iron & Vitamin C tablets? Most women know Iron can support their energy levels,…

Price: NZ$4.75
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Thompson's Organic Iron 24mg Tablets 30

iron deficiency, particularly in women - Helps to maintain adequate dietary intake of iron during pregnancy when iron requirements increase - Iron is…

Price: NZ$11.95
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Floradix Tablets 84

Floradix Tablets 84   Provides the same dosage of Iron as the liquid tonic  Helps maintain vitality, fitness and health.  Made from herbs and…

Price: NZ$26.95
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Ferrograd C Tablets 30

Controlled Release Iron Tablets containing Vitamin C for the prevention of iron deficiency anaemia.

Price: NZ$13.95
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Centrum for Women Tablets 60

…  Centrum for Women has increased levels of Calcium, Folic Acid, Iron and B Group Vitamins to support Healthy Bones, Healthy Hair, Skin and…

Price: NZ$19.05

Ferro-F-Tab Film Coated Tablets 60

Ferro-F-Tab Film Coated Tablets 60   Iron and folic acid supplement for the prevention and treatment of iron and folic acid deficiency anaemia,…

Price: NZ$8.70
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Active Iron & B Complex Plus for Women 60 (Capsules 30 + Tablets 30)

…Why choose Active Iron? Active Iron is clinically proven to deliver x2 better absorption of iron than other iron tablets. It’s…

Price: NZ$28.50
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Healtheries Women's Multi with Probiotics One-a-Day Tablets 30

…Women's Multi with Probiotics One-a-Day Tablets 30   Why use Women s Multi One-A-Day tablets? You know that old saying A woman s work is never…

Price: NZ$11.95
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Clinicians Iron Boost Capsules 30

Iron Boost Benefits * Contains Carbonyl Iron which is 100% pure, high strength bioavailable iron to support healthy iron levels * The Carbonyl Iron is…

Price: NZ$10.45
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