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Nordic Naturals Baby's Vitamin D3 400IU Liquid 11ml

…breast-fed, infants receive 400 I.U. of supplemental vitamin D daily. Nordic Naturals Baby s Vitamin D3 is in the natural form of vitamin D…

Price: NZ$31.50
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Puria Vitamin D Infant & Child Drops 4.5g (90 drops)

…expose infants to sunlight and it may also be difficult to receive sufficient Vitamin D from a normal diet, Vitamin D supplements for infants and…

Price: NZ$15.99
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Karicare Vitadol C 10ml - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies - Expiry 06/20

…  Karicare Vitadol C is formulated for infants and children to provide a reliable source of vitamins A, C and D.   Karicare Vitadol…

Price: NZ$7.99

Sanderson Real Sleep Infant 30ml

…Sleep Infant - Supports Healthy Sleep   Developed by New Zealand and Canadian naturopathic and botanical experts, Sanderson Real Sleep Infant combines…

Price: NZ$19.90

Etica - Infants & Childrens Immune Liquid 300ml - Black Cherry - Expiry 01/20

…contains natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry and a vegan-friendly Vitamin D3 derived from lichens. It has been shown that vitamin C efficacy is…

Price: NZ$18.35
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Etica - Infants & Children Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid 480ml - Tropical Berry Expiry 01/20

…many of the vitamins and minerals which are critical elements for certain key metabolic functions.   How Does it Work? Vitamin D3 is an…

Price: NZ$18.35

Ostelin Vitamin D Liquid for KIDS 20ml Expiry - 06/2020

…and nursing infants. Infants who are breast-fed may require vitamin D supplementation to maintain adequate vitamin D levels. * Vitamin D is needed for…

Price: NZ$12.30
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Clinicians Iron Boost Capsules 30

…function in the body * Contains vitamin C, which has been shown to assist with Iron absorption * Contains vitamin B12 and folic acid to enhance the…

Price: NZ$10.85
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Bioisland Milk Calcium For Kids SoftGels 90

…and vitamin D play important roles in the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. * Helps support healthy growth and development for infants and…

Price: NZ$27.80
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ChildLife Organic Vitamin K2 Drops 12ml - Natural Berry

…levels of vitamin K can raise the risk of uncontrolled bleeding. Vitamin K deficiencies are very common in newborn infants.   Vitamin K2 is…

Price: NZ$39.75
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BetterYou DLux Infant Vitamin D Oral Spray 15ml

BetterYou DLux Infant Vitamin D Oral Spray 15ml  Guarantee their daily dose of sunshine   DLux Infant daily vitamin D oral spray is suitable from 6…

Price: NZ$13.50
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Ostelin Vitamin D3 Capsules 130

…Maintaining adequate vitamin D status during pregnancy may have long term benefits for maintaining the infant’s general health and…

Price: NZ$25.30
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