High Blood Pressure

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Omron HEM7322 Premium Blood Pressure Monitor (Replaces HEM7211)

high blood pressure. Consult your doctor to evaluate the readings. Check your device periodically for accuracy.        Download your Blood Pressure

Price: NZ$168.95

NOW Blood Pressure Health Veg Capsules 90

NOW Blood Pressure Health Veg Capsules 90   What is Blood Pressure Health? NOW® Blood Pressure Health combines two…

Price: NZ$37.50
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NOW Red Clover 375mg Capsules 100

…lowering the risk for heart-related problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is also used to treat inflammatory conditions,…

Price: NZ$16.25

CardioMax WS 1442 Tablets 30

…CardioMax® supports and helps maintain normal and healthy blood pressure and pulse.   What is CardioMax®? CardioMax®…

Price: NZ$27.00
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Good Health Olive Leaf 25000 Capsules 30

…to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Olive Leaf extract provides strong antioxidant…

Price: NZ$15.95
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Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Extra Strength - Cardiovasuclar Support 500ml

…system, including maintenance of normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure in healthy individuals.   50% stronger than our standard…

Price: NZ$26.95

Lifestream High Potency Circulate Capsules 60

…normal blood lipid levels and may assist in improvement of blood flow in arteries. Garlic supports the maintenance of normal blood pressure and…

Price: NZ$33.50

Healtheries Magnesium 400mg High Strength One-a-Day Capsules 120

…* Helping to maintain heart health and healthy blood pressure levels * Supporting healthy blood sugar balance * Helping to relieve constipation…

Price: NZ$26.90
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Healtheries Fish Oil 1500mg Capsules 150

…taking Fish Oil supplements. Heart, joint, skin and brain health blood pressure and cholesterol even help with stress and hormonal balance. But do…

Price: NZ$14.95

Nutralife Co-Q-Max Heart Health Formula 150mg Capsules 60

…circulation, cardiovascular health, blood pressure and severely deplete the immune system. Nutra Life Co-Q max provides high dose co-enzyme Q10 which…

Price: NZ$29.30
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Comwell Co-Q10 400mg Capsules 60

blood pressure and cholesterol levels.    Health benefits may include: * Supports strong and healthy hearts * Helps with treatment of high blood

Price: NZ$35.50
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Heart Sure BP100 - Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

…years through the Australian distributor * blood pressure monitor *For people with high blood pressure. Consult your doctor to evaluate the readings.…

Price: NZ$74.50
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