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Lamisil DermGel 15g - Quantity Restriction (3) Applies

…infection.   The gel formulation is suitable for use on a variety of common fungal conditions, but as it is easy to apply to hairy areas, it is well…

Price: NZ$17.95

Canesten Clotrimazole ANTI-FUNGAL Topical Cream 20g

…Cream provides soothing relief from common fungal infections such as athlete's foot, fungal nappy rash, ringworm, jock itch and other tinea…

Price: NZ$12.45

Excilor Pen - Nail Fungal Infection Treatment

Excilor Pen - Nail Fungal Infection Treatment   Clinically proven efficacy Can be applied in seconds One complete course of treatment* Dries in one…

Price: NZ$38.95

Resolve Solution 25ml

…is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it the ideal way to treat fungal infections in hard-to-get-at areas, such as around the nail and between…

Price: NZ$9.25

Canesten Once Daily Bifonazole BODY Cream 30g

…Bifonazole Once Daily is convenient and effective treatment against body fungal conditions such as athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch and other…

Price: NZ$19.25
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APO-Ciclopirox Nail Lacquer Topical Solution 7ml- Expiry 04/20

…treatment of fungal infections of the nails.  The active ingredient ciclopirox penetrates the nail plate and reaches the fungal pathogen…

Price: NZ$11.95

Lamisil Once 4g - Quantity Restriction (3) Applies

…forms. The film allows the active ingredient to continuously fight the fungal infection over an extended period of days, without needing to apply…

Price: NZ$22.40

MycoNail Anti-Fungal Nail Lacquer Kit

MycoNail Anti-Fungal Nail Lacquer Kit   MycoNail® nail lacquer kit contains amorolfine lacquer 5mL, 60 isopropyl cleansing swabs, 30 nail…

Price: NZ$29.95
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Daktarin Cream 30g - Expiry 10/20

…anti-fungal cream useful for the treatment of Athletes Foot and other fungal infections. Daktarin Cream is non-greasy and will not stain clothing or…

Price: NZ$12.95
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Nature's Sunshine Yeast / Fungal Detox Capsules 90

Nature's Sunshine Yeast / Fungal Detox Capsules 90   Millions of bacteria reside in the gastrointestinal tract of healthy individuals. A…

Price: NZ$21.20
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Resolve Tinea Topical Cream 50g

…silicone-based cream is a quick and effective treatment for a wide range of fungal conditions. By providing a barrier, Resolve Tinea helps protect the…

Price: NZ$12.40
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Pronail Fungal Nail Solution 4ml - Expiry 07/20

Pronail Fungal Nail Solution 4ml   Pronail is a topical solution designed to treat nail fungal infection  * Easy, One handed…

Price: NZ$37.80
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