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Oracyn Oral Care Spray 120ml - Expiry 06/19

…an easy to use 120ml spray bottle.   Oracyn will not stain teeth, dentures or the the mouth. Orcayn does not contain alcohol or cytotoxic ingredients…

Price: NZ$13.95

Aquae Dry Mouth Spray 100ml

…the ability to speak, chew and swallow, and improves the feel of dentures.  Aquae is buffered to a neutral pH 6.0-6.5 to reduce the risk of…

Price: NZ$19.99
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Luxident Adult Shorthead - Extra Soft Multi Tuft (407)

…is an appropriate brush for those wearing orthodontic appliances or dentures, in that it is ideally suited for massaging the gums. It also meets the…

Price: NZ$6.10

Holdtite Denture Cream 58g

Holdtite Extra Strength Denture Adhesive Cream and Adhesive Powders are specifically designed to hold dentures firmly in place and prevent irritation…

Price: NZ$14.60
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Polident 3 Minute Daily Cleanser Tablets 36 - for Dentures

…a cleaner, fresher denture so you can get closer to the people you care about the most.   * Deep cleans to help restore dentures to their original…

Price: NZ$10.60
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Polident Denture Adhesive Cream 60g - Flavour Free

Polident Denture Adhesive Cream 60g - Flavour Free   Using a denture adhesive gives you the hold you need for your dentures (also called false teeth),…

Price: NZ$14.45
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Polident Whitening Daily Cleanser Tablets 36 - for Dentures

…stains from dentures * Our denture cleaning products are specifically designed to clean dentures more effectively. * Gentle on denture material.  …

Price: NZ$10.60
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Luxident Denture Brush - Firm (444)

…be easily gripped by those with arthritic hands. For new dentures we recommend a soft denture brush (Item 491) available through your dentist or your…

Price: NZ$9.80
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Steradent Extra Strength Cleansing Tablets 30's

…dentist. With Steradent Extra Strength tablets you dentures will become clean and hold their natural whiteness. Suitable for full or partial dentures.

Price: NZ$12.99

Holdtite Denture Pwd 70g

Holdtite Denture Plate Powder holds false teeth firmly in position for hours - helps prevent irritation and chafing. Holdtite will give you confidence…

Price: NZ$12.95
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TePe Denture Toothbrush

Tepe Denture Toothbrush   * Specially designed with extra long, strong bristles to ensure efficient cleaning without causing denture damage *…

Price: NZ$6.50
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Bonjela Mouth Ulcer Gel 15g

…Gel 15g   If you've got a painful mouth ulcer, brace sore or denture sore, we can help you out! Bonjela's ingredients tackle your mouth…

Price: NZ$9.85
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