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Holdtite Denture Cream 58g

Holdtite Extra Strength Denture Adhesive Cream and Adhesive Powders are specifically designed to hold dentures firmly in place and prevent irritation…

Price: NZ$14.60
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Oracyn Oral Care Spray 120ml

…to use 120ml spray bottle.   Oracyn will not stain teeth, dentures or the the mouth. Orcayn does not contain alcohol or cytotoxic ingredients…

Price: NZ$13.95
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Steradent Denture Fixative Cream - Sensitive 40g

Steradent Denture Fixative Cream - Sensitive 40g Steradent Sensitive Denture Fixative Cream with Extra Strong Hold, holds up to 12 hours. Easy…

Price: NZ$9.60
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Colgate Peroxyl Oral Cleanser Mouthwash 236ml - Mint

…minor gum inflammation, ulcers, inflammation around wisdom teeth,and denture irritation.   BENEFITS * Helps remove debris from hard to reach…

Price: NZ$19.30

Steradent Denture Cleansing Tablets - Active Plus 30

…Active Plus Denture Cleansing Tablets Express with purifying active oxygen removes 99.9% of bacteria.  * Deep cleanse dentures within 3…

Price: NZ$9.70

Polident 3 Minute Daily Cleanser Tablets 36 - for Dentures

…a cleaner, fresher denture so you can get closer to the people you care about the most.   * Deep cleans to help restore dentures to their original…

Price: NZ$11.30

Polident Denture Adhesive Cream 60g - Fresh

Polident Denture Adhesive Cream 60g - Fresh   Not having to worry about your dentures (commonly called false teeth) sitting tight leaves you free to…

Price: NZ$16.20

Luxident Denture Brush - Firm (444)

…be easily gripped by those with arthritic hands. For new dentures we recommend a soft denture brush (Item 491) available through your dentist or your…

Price: NZ$9.80
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Orabase Protective Paste 5gm

…Paste   For the protection and temporary relief of minor irritation of the skin, mouth, and gums, denture discomfort, and minor oral injuries.    

Price: NZ$6.99
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Holdtite Denture Pwd 70g

Holdtite Denture Plate Powder holds false teeth firmly in position for hours - helps prevent irritation and chafing. Holdtite will give you confidence…

Price: NZ$12.95

Steradent Denture Paste - Active Plus 115g

…Steradent Active Plus Denture Paste removes stains and plaque build up on full and partial dentures. * Steradent Active Plus Denture Paste also cleans…

Price: NZ$7.60
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Steradent Denture Cleansing Tablets - Whitening 30

Steradent Denture Cleansing Tablets - Whitening 30 Steradent Whitening Tablets Extra Strength helps restore original colour, removes 99.9% of bacteria…

Price: NZ$10.90
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