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Bisolvon Dry Cough Honey Lime Pastilles 20pk - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

…dry, irritating cough and help soothe the throat irritated from coughing. They are ideal for those that need relief from a dry cough when on the go!…

Price: NZ$10.70
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OKU Children's Cough and Chest Elixir 100ml

OKU Children s Cough & Chest Elixir is a great tasting unique blend of NZ Native Herbs that include the remarkable Kumarahou which has a rich…

Price: NZ$19.95
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Bonnington's Irish Moss Cough Syrup 200ml

…Moss Cough Syrup 200ml   Provides relief from coughs due to colds, flu & bronchitis. * Soothes coughs and sore throats * Calms and quiets coughs  

Price: NZ$12.95
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Vicks Formula 44 Chesty Cough Syrup 180ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

Vicks Formula 44 Chesty Cough Syrup 180ml   Vicks Cough Syrup for Chesty Cough contains Guaifenesin an expectorant that thins and loosens phlegm in…

Price: NZ$18.50
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Duro-Tuss EXPECTORANT Cough Syrup 200ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies - Expiry 08/20

Duro-Tuss Expectorant Cough Liquid for clearing chest congestion and relieving coughs. Suitable for Diabetics. Grenadine Flavour.…

Price: NZ$16.45
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Difflam COUGH Lozenges - BLACKCURRANT 24 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies - Expiry 04/20

Difflam Cough lozenges temporarily reduces coughing, relieves sore, inflamed throats.   Difflam Cough lozenges contain a cough

Price: NZ$13.80

Sambucol For Kids Formula 120ml - Immune System Support

…childhood and adult infections. Support for those with sinus congestion, cough, aches and pain, and fever. Can be taken for immune support all year…

Price: NZ$15.80
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Dimetapp Cough & Cold Kids Liquid 100ml - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies - Discontinued Line

Dimetapp Cough & Cold Kids Liquid 100ml   Dimetapp Cough & Cold is a great tasting medicine for Children's common cold…

Price: NZ$10.25

Bisolvon Dry Cough Liquid 200ml - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

Cough Liquid 200ml   Bisolvon® Dry Cough Liquid is used to relieve a dry, irritating cough. When you ve got a non-productive cough, the urge to cough

Price: NZ$17.55
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Codral Cold & Flu + COUGH Tablets 48 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

CODRAL Cold & Flu + COUGH CODRAL Cold & Flu + COUGH - Day & Night formula to treat multiple cold, flu and cough symptoms: * Headaches *…

Price: NZ$19.80
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Benadryl CHESTY Forte Cough Liquid 200ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies - Expiry 12/19

…CHESTY Forte Cough Liquid 200ml   Benadryl Chesty Forte Cough Liquid Berry Flavour can fast relief of heavy chest coughs and a soothing…

Price: NZ$13.50
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Robitussin Chesty Cough & Nasal Congestion PE 200ml - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

Robitussin Chesty Cough & Nasal Congestion PE - Helps clear a chesty cough and nasal congestion. It contains the expectorant Guaiphenesin and the…

Price: NZ$14.70
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