Clear Eyes

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Clear Eyes-A Allergy Drops 15ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

…and soothes irritated eyes. Lubricant prolongs relief and improves eye comfort       ºView all Clear Eyes Range

Price: NZ$10.40
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Clear Eyes Redness Drops 15ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

…vessels in the eyes to swell, making the eyes look red.   * Red Eye * Eye Irritation * Burning Eye * Gritty Eye   Clear Eyes Redness…

Price: NZ$10.40
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Clear Eyes Eye Mist Spray 15ml

…moisture in and around the eyes.   Eye Mist by Clear Eyes provides soothing relief for dry, tired and itchy eye symptoms.  …

Price: NZ$17.80

Clear Eyes-D Dryness Drops 15ml

Clear Eyes-D is a gently buffered solution specially formulated to closely match the natural fluid of the eye to soothe and moisturise dry eyes. This…

Price: NZ$10.40
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SkinActive PureActive Micellair Water - For Sensitive Skin 400ml/13.3oz

An easy & effective cleansing water for face, eyes & lips Features a no-rinsing micellar formula Enriched with purifying agents to capture…

Price: NZ$17.20

Albalon Eye Drops 15ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

Albalon Eye Drops 15ml   Albalon Eye Drops are designed to clear the redness of minor eye irritations.

Price: NZ$9.50
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Visine Clear Eye Drops 15ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

Visine Clear Eye Drops provide prompt relief from redness, burning, itching and congestion of the eyes caused by smoke, dust, sun, wind, chlorinated…

Price: NZ$8.80
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Clear Eyes Gentle Cleansing Wipes 30

…tested and recommended.   Clear Eyes Wipes can be used directly from the sachet or as a hot or cold compress     ►View all Clear Eyes Range

Price: NZ$15.75
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Crystal Clear Eye Makeup Remover 74ml/2.5oz

eye makeup Formulated with peptides & vitamins to visibly strengthen eyelashes Nourishes the fragile skin around the eye area Leaves the eye area…

Price: NZ$58.70

Time To Clear Eye Make Up Remover 125ml/4.2oz

…fragrance-free eye makeup remover Features a bi-phase water & oil based formula Helps gently yet thoroughly remove waterproof eye makeup &…

Price: NZ$34.39

Captivating Performance Fluid Eyeliner - # 01 Eye Adore You (Deep Clear Real Black) -

…defines & shapes the eyes with a great ease Delivers vibrant color & rich fluid texture to accentuate the eyes Features an effective, elastic…

Price: NZ$65.82

Clear Start Breakout Clearing All Over Toner 118ml/4oz

…& revive skin Leaves skin calm, clear, energized & shine-free To use: Spray over entire face with eyes closed, neck & anywhere on the body…

Price: NZ$52.18
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