Cleaning Wipes

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Germ-X Antibacterial Soft Wipes 72

Wipes 72   ONLINE SALES ONLY   Germ-X Antibacterial Hand Wipes gives you the benefits of a hand sanitizer with the cleaning convenience of soft wipes. …

Price: NZ$11.50
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Clear Eyes Gentle Cleansing Wipes 30

Clear Eyes Gentle Cleansing Wipes are uniquely textured hypoallergenic wipes for effective, gentle cleaning of the eyelids and lashes. Removes…

Price: NZ$15.75
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Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Wipes 25

…Cleansing Wipes 25   The natural way to clean makeup and the day's debris off your face, Palmer's Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Wipes are…

Price: NZ$9.20

Ecocare Organic Facial Wipes 24 - Apple & Honey

…Facial Wipes 24 - Rose & Chamomile   These Certified Organic wipes are specially crafted to leave your skin feeling clean, nourished…

Price: NZ$12.80
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Kleenex Anti-bacterial Wipes 15

…Anti-Bacterial Wipes With a gentle yet effective anti-bacterial cleaning solution containing natural tea-tree oil these wipes kill 99% of germs.…

Price: NZ$3.00

Clearwipe Lens Cleaner Soft Wipes 20

…Microfibre soft pre-moistened individually wrapped Wipes - Not just for Glasses....much much more! Clean your eyeglasses without streaks or scratches…

Price: NZ$5.40
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Curash Jumbo Wipes 40

…Jumbo Wipes 40   The new JUMBO Wipes from Curash™ are extra large – almost double the size of the standard Curash wipe,

Price: NZ$4.95
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Curash Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 5x 20Pk (100 Wipes)

…Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are paediatrician and dermatologist tested, making them perfect for giving your baby a complete clean after each nappy…

Price: NZ$13.30

Brush Baby Dental Wipes 28

…they are able to brush, Dental Wipes help to establish a healthy oral environment. Keeping babies' gums clean can also help prevent teething…

Price: NZ$16.50
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Little Eyes Gentle Cleansing Eye Wipes 30

…Gentle Cleansing Eye Wipes 30   Little Eyes® gentle cleansing eye wipes provide a convenient way to clean and refresh your…

Price: NZ$17.10
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Dettol 2 in 1 Anti-bacterial Wipes 15

…label and pull out the wipe. * Close resealable label firmly to prevent from remaining wipes drying out. * For hands, wipe thoroughly for 1 minute…

Price: NZ$4.65
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Diabete-ezy Test-wipe Starter Pack 4x25 wipes - BLUE Box

…convenient and simple way to clean your testing site prior and post BGL testing. Test wipes are also great for cleaning insulin pump sites before…

Price: NZ$12.95
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