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Scholl 2 in 1 Corn Express Pen

Scholl 2 in 1 Corn Express Pen   Scholl for Corns has a new product to help with painful corns.   The Scholl 2 in 1 Corn Express Pen is a unique,…

Price: NZ$15.99
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Neat Feat Femme Beauty Buzz 3 in 1

…  Callus and dry skin remover with Lady Epilator & shaving head   The 'Neat Feat Beauty Buzz 3 in 1' callus

Price: NZ$27.50
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Scholl Callus Removal Pads 4

Scholl Callus Removal Pads 4   Salicylic Acid is a keratolytic, which means it breaks down the build up of hard skin which forms the callus.

Price: NZ$11.50

Professional Power Shaver w/ Rasp -

…two-sided callus rasp Features both coarse & fine filing surface Helps effectively & comfortably eliminate & smooth calluses With a…

Price: NZ$27.87

Heros Sponge - Washes Corns & Calluses away

…- Washes Corns & Calluses away   With one gentle treatment, the heros chiropody sponge removes painful corns, ugly calluses, horny and rough skin.…

Price: NZ$6.50
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Manicare Pedicure File - Stainless Steel

…Steel is a pedicure file that is designed to help remove corns and calluses from all types of feet. The file can be used wet or dry and has both…

Price: NZ$12.40
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Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion 100ml

…glycerin and coconut oil to deeply moisturise and soften rough calluses and heels. This rich foot treatment made with 99.9% natural ingredients…

Price: NZ$22.00

Neat Feat Spandex Gel Metatarsal Cushion 1 Pair - Medium

…cushion the balls of your feet and give you relief all day long from calluses, Morton's Neuroma, rheumatism, and other fore-foot discomfort.  …

Price: NZ$19.75
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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream 56gm

…uncomfortably dry, rough feet. Especially recommended for dry heels and calluses, this concentrated formula delivers a full day's moisturisation…

Price: NZ$8.70

Neat Feat Gel Metatarsal Pad 1 Pair

…under the ball of the foot to ease ball of foot pain and help prevent callus development. * Gel provides extra protection padding to help comfort the…

Price: NZ$16.70
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Manicare Ceramic Stone Foot File

…Stone Foot File  Effectively removes hardened dry skin and smoothes calluses on feet. The easy-to-grip contoured handle with dual-sided ceramic stone…

Price: NZ$11.40
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Sebamed Cracked Heel Balm 75ml

…Allantoin for a perceptible softening and keratolytic effect to remove calluses and relieve fissures * Phytosterols help to regenerate the disturbed…

Price: NZ$18.50
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