Breathing Device

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Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser

…Easy hold grip * Easy to clean * Therapeutic medical device   How can steam help breathing? Our bodies are up to 60% water – all of…

Price: NZ$96.50
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Breathe Right Nasal Strips 30 - Original Large

Breathe Right Nasal Strips 30 - Original Large   Effective. Drug-free. Easy-to-apply. Breathe Right® Original nasal strips relieve…

Price: NZ$24.95
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Breathe Right Nasal Strips 10 - Clear Small/Medium

Breathe Right Nasal Strips 10 - Clear Small/Medium   Clear nasal strips offer the same relief as Original nasal strips, and may be preferred by those…

Price: NZ$9.85
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Deep Skin-Breathing & Moisturizing Facial Mask 7pcs

…& repairing benefits Uses water purified by pharmaceutical grade device Keeps skin smoother, dewier, clearer, more translucent & comfortable

Price: NZ$32.84

AVEOtsd Anti-Snoring Aid

…made by that vibration. The Aveo tsd anti-snoring device is a silicone tongue-stabilising device that gently holds the tongue forward, preventing it…

Price: NZ$110.00
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Snoreeze Nasal Spray 10ml - Expiry 07/20

…•Essential Oils of Lavender and Thyme - to aid easy breathing •Menthyl Lactate - to moisturise the nasal passages •Xanthan…

Price: NZ$19.40
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Xlear Sinus Care Rinse Packets 20

…your upper airways being clean and clear of contaminants, helping you to breathe more freely. * Patented solution with Xylitol naturally opens airways…

Price: NZ$23.90
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Snorel - Snoring Relief Spray 50ml

…airways, as the structures strike each other and vibrate during breathing.   The spray coats the upper respiratory tract with a thin…

Price: NZ$24.50
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