Brain Magnesium

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Lypo-Spheric Magnesium L-Threonate 30 Pack - 5.7ml Each

…ability to cross the blood brain barrier thus supporting normal magnesium levels in the brain. In the brain, magnesium is a very important mineral…

Price: NZ$89.70

NOW Magtein Magnesium L Threonate Veg Capsules 90

…  Benefits: * Magnesium L-Threonate * Supports Cognitive Function * Supports Memory and Learning* * Promotes Brain Health*  …

Price: NZ$57.50

Harker Herbals Brain Tonic 250ml

Harker Herbals Brain Tonic 250ml   Brain Tonic is composed of herbs known to be high in brain-specific nutrient-minerals and oxygen. The major…

Price: NZ$24.95
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OXYLENT Children's Multivitamin Supplement Drink Sachets 30 - Bubbly Berry Punch- Expiry 14/11/20

…developing nervous systems, and zinc supports brain function. Strengthens: Vitamin D3, calcium, and magnesium support the health of growing bones and…

Price: NZ$42.60
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Clinicians MigraDol Capsules 60

…and frequency. * Contains magnesium to help support energy production, circulation and blood vessel health. * Low magnesium levels are associated with…

Price: NZ$19.85
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NOW Boron 3mg Capsules 250

…* Supports Bone Strength * Works with Calcium and Magnesium * Supports joint health * Supports brain and mental function * Supports menopausal health…

Price: NZ$24.75
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Nutralife Brahmi 6000 Complex Capsules 50

…assist nerve function * Together with vitamin B6, magnesium and amino acid glutamine to assist brain function ►View all Nutralife Products

Price: NZ$24.90
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Nature's Way NZ - Kids Smart Vita Gummies Calm 60

…effects of GABA, our calming brain chemical. L-theanine does not have a sedative effect, instead it increases alpha brain waves which predominate in a…

Price: NZ$13.90
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Pure Vitality Boron Drops 30ml

…biochemical processes, primarily in the regulation of calcium and magnesium uptake and utilization. A good boron supplement may also support healthy…

Price: NZ$12.30
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Radiance Boron Capsules 60

…and vitamin D, enhance absorption of calcium and magnesium and also play a vital role in brain function.        …

Price: NZ$21.95
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Radiance Kids Calm & Focus Gummies 45 - Blackberry

…combines magnesium with L-theanine to support calm and settled behaviour in children when they may struggle to relax or focus.   Magnesium is…

Price: NZ$11.80
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Morlife Plantiful Protein 500g - Chocolate Cacao

…protein supplement. Plantiful Protein contains key minerals including Magnesium & Zinc to support protein synthesis. Zinc also supports…

Price: NZ$53.90
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