Brain Enhancement

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Doctor's Best - Astaxanthin with AstaPure 6mg Veggie SoftGels 90

…after exercise * Crosses blood-brain barrier to deliver antioxidant to brain, eyes and nervous system * Superior antioxidant activity  …

Price: NZ$66.30

NOW Brain Attention Chewables 60

…in the brain. This activity helps to support normal brain activities including memory, learning, attention, focus, and more.   Benefits: * Enhances

Price: NZ$54.70

Clinicians Brain Boost with Cognizin Capsules 30

…* Enhance memory retention and recall * Increase mental energy * Support neuronal function * Antioxidant protection for the brain * Clinicians Brain

Price: NZ$24.75
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Efamol Brain - Active Memory Softgels 60

Efamol Brain - Active Memory   Active Memory is a unique, high DHA fatty acid formula from Efamol® the essential fatty acid experts. DHA, from fish…

Price: NZ$45.90
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Doctor's Best - Brain Magnesium with Magtein 75mg VegeCaps 60

…In a recent investigation, feeding MgT to raise brain magnesium led to significant enhancement of spatial and associative memory in both young and…

Price: NZ$60.50
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Doctor's Best - Enhanced Krill Plus Omega 3s Softgels 60

…Best enhanced krill with DHA-EPA is a unique combination formula supporting the healthy brain development and function * Supports healthy brain, joint…

Price: NZ$49.50
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Pro-Life Excell IQ Capsules 30 - Expiry 08/19

…are vital for normal brain function. These potent ingredients are beneficial for increasing blood flow to brain, enhancing memory and concentration,…

Price: NZ$10.50

Doctor's Best - 5-HTP 100mg Enhanced with Vitamins B6 & C Capsules 120

…in the brain. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C help 5-HTP convert to serotonin   Benefits:   * Doctor s Best 5-HTP enhanced with Vitamins…

Price: NZ$45.25
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Doctor's Best - Phosphatidyl Serine with SerinAid Capsules 60

…of brain neurons which enhance cell-to-cell communication and support healthy cognitive function.   Benefits: * Supports mental enhancement - aids…

Price: NZ$52.90

Doctor's Best - Curcumin Phytosome with Meriva VegeCaps 60

…appears to enhance enzymes that promote detoxification of toxins; helps to induce phase 2 enzyme activity * Supports healthy brain ageing and…

Price: NZ$37.50

Doctor's Best - Curcumin Phytosome with Meriva VegeCaps 180

…appears to enhance enzymes that promote detoxification of toxins; helps to induce phase 2 enzyme activity * Supports healthy brain ageing and…

Price: NZ$84.75
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Doctor's Best - Alpha-Lipoic Acid 600mg VegeCaps 60

…function and brain health ageing is associated with oxidative stress in the brain. Studies have shown longer term memory was enhanced by LA *…

Price: NZ$29.10
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