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BioChange Vital Liquid Mask 6applications

BioChange Vital Liquid Mask: 1x BioChange Vital Liquid Mask - 30ml/1oz 6x Mask sheets An energizing & moisturizing facial mask Powered by advanced…

Price: NZ$289.96

BioChange Overnight Refiner 50ml/1.7oz

A skin refining night treatment gel Penetrates deep into skin & remains active overnight Contains fruit acid & glycolic acid to refine skin…

Price: NZ$212.88

BioChange Basic Lip-ID 7.5ml/0.3oz

A multi-benefit lip balm for extremely dry, rough or chapped lips Enhances & protects the natural lipid barrier of the sensitive lip skin Soothes…

Price: NZ$93.10

BioChange Eye Make-Up Remover 200ml/6.8oz

An ultra-gentle, dual-phase makeup remover Helps mildly yet intensively remove eye makeup, including waterproof & lipstick Calms & moisturizes…

Price: NZ$103.18

BioChange Optimal Lift Serum 30ml/1oz

A multi-active anti-aging facial serum Quickly reduces various types of wrinkles, including deeper lines on the forehead & in the eye area…

Price: NZ$337.99

BioChange Skin Lightening Serum 30ml/1oz

A highly dosed whitening facial serum Reduces skin pigmentation, discolorations & age spots caused by the sun Prevents the darkening of skin &…

Price: NZ$321.39

BioChange Gentle Moisturizing Gel 30ml/1oz

An intensely moisturizing facial gel Contains Hyaluronic Acid & glycerin that deliver maximum moisture to skin Boosts skin firmness &…

Price: NZ$187.97

BioChange Lip Contour Refiner 15ml/0.5oz

A multi-active lip care Helps intensely moisturize & revitalize lips while adding volume Protects dry lips against drying out Provides an instant…

Price: NZ$159.51

BioChange Skin Whitening Cream 50ml/1.7oz

A whitening & brightening facial cream Lightens pigment spots & prevents the development of new ones Regulates & balances an uneven skin…

Price: NZ$328.50

BioChange CytoLine Firming Liquid Mask 6applications

BioChange CytoLine Firming Liquid Mask: 1x BioChange CytoLine Firming Liquid Mask - 30ml/1oz 6x Mask sheets A high-potency anti-aging facial mask…

Price: NZ$340.36

BioChange CEA Vitamin C Power-Cure 7pcs

BioChange CEA Vitamin C Power-Cure: 3x Vitamin C Power-Cure Liquid Activator - 5ml/0.15oz 3x Vitamin C Power-CureHigh Active Vitamin C Spheres - 1tube…

Price: NZ$995.00

BioChange Skin Sealer Protection Shield 50ml/1.7oz

An active-rich, multi-benefit facial treatment Optimizes skin's water-binding capacity while replenishing & nourishing dry skin Protects stem…

Price: NZ$269.21
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