Antihistamine Nasal Sprays

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Dymista Nasal Spray 120 Dose - Quantity Restriction (3) Applies

Dymista Nasal Spray 120 Dose   Faster and more effective - starts working from 5 minutes   Symptomatic treatment of moderate to…

Price: NZ$42.70
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Azep Nasal Spray 10ml - Discontinued Product

…with Azep Nasal Spray you can because it lasts for hours and hours. Azep is a fast acting, antihistamine/decongestant nasal spray for the rapid…

Price: NZ$18.70

Nature's Sunshine HistaBlock Capsules 90

…associated with over-the-counter and prescription antihistamines, decongestants and nasal sprays.   Usage:* Provides nutrients that support the…

Price: NZ$25.99

Livostin Nasal Spray 10ml - Expiry 02/20

Livostin Nasal spray contains an antihistamine which provides rapid and long-lasting relief of nasal complaints, such as sneezing and runny or itching…

Price: NZ$15.80
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Nasaleze Allergy Blocker - 30 Days Supply

…lines the sensitive nasal membrane giving protection against allergens. The risk of allergens coming into contact with the nasal membrane is reduced,…

Price: NZ$13.99

FESS Childrens Saline Nasal Spray for Kids 20ml - 2 to 10 Years

…  FESS is also ideal for use before medicated nasal sprays including antihistamines and steroids. FESS clears the thick mucus allowing the…

Price: NZ$12.80
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