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Lactigel Vaginal Gel 7 x 5g Applicators

…vaginosis (bv).   Lactigel vaginal gel is effective for immediately restoring the natural pH of the vagina. pH disruptions can occur due to:*…

Price: NZ$28.99
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Premeno duo 5mg Vaginal Ovules 10

…improves natural defences against vaginal infections: preventive treatment of vaginitis (vaginal infection) and vaginal mycosis (fungal infection of…

Price: NZ$29.80

Aci-Jel Balance 100g

…restoration and maintenance of vaginal acidity are desirable. Aci-Jel works by changing the level of acidity (ph) in the vagina. This can destroy…

Price: NZ$31.90

Vagisil Intimate Wash pH Plus 175ml

…Wash pH Plus 175ml   Did you know that your period, menopause, having sex, even some daily cleansers can disrupt your vaginal balance? Vagisil pH Plus…

Price: NZ$11.90
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Prefert Vaginal Gel (4 devices)

…Ideal pH for natural conception. Improves mobility of sperm and reduces the osmotic barrier to optimize the sperm cells migration. Prefert Vaginal

Price: NZ$49.50
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Vagisil ProHydrate Plus External Hydrating Gel 30g

Vagisil ProHydrate Plus Internal Hydrating Gel 6 x 5g Applicators   Vaginal dryness can occur at any stage of life, and can affect your intimate…

Price: NZ$10.90
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Drion Pantiliners 30 - Expiry 16/04/18

…re-sealable plastic free packs Day pad packs contain complimentary vaginal PH self-test kit Healthy & hygienic alternative to tampons …

Price: NZ$8.45
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Yes Baby Conceive 2 Pack

vaginal pH balance Guaranteed pure & natural and certified 100% organic - Includes 5 ovulation tests Vagina-friendly, Yes Baby restores vaginal pH

Price: NZ$50.99
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Kolorex Intimate Wash 250ml

…and Aloe Vera to soothe, replenish and condition.  Formulated to a natural pH of 4.5 to support the skin s protective acid mantle.   Kolorex® Intimate…

Price: NZ$14.45
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Caya Gel 60g

…additional physical barrier in front of the cervix and lowers the pH of the vaginal fluid. The increased acidity and the viscosity of the gel have a…

Price: NZ$55.90
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Astroglide Liquid - Water Based 73.9ml

…recommended * pH is between 4 and 5 and is balanced to match natural body fluids, Astroglide does not interfere with natural pH levels * Astroglide…

Price: NZ$16.50
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YES CLEANSE Intimate Wash Rose 150ml

…without irritation * Suitable for every day use * pH matched to not disrupt the vaginal ecology   Responsibly formulated, richly foaming, effectively…

Price: NZ$23.90
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