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Clinicians Nasal Clear Manuka Spray 25ml

…effective and fast-acting support for clear sinuses and healthy breathing, and inner ear and sinus health. Benefits: * Effective and fast acting…

Price: NZ$16.90

NeilMed Sinus Rinse Sachets 120

…protocol for the Sinus Rinse bottle and NasaFlo Neti Pot after every use and replacing after three months. Make NeilMed s Sinus Rinse an essential…

Price: NZ$33.90

Sudafed PE Sinus Day + Night Relief Tablets 48 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

…PE Sinus Day + Night Relief Tablets 48   Sudafed PE non-drowsy day tablets and night tablets for bedtime: Sudafed PE is an effective sinus

Price: NZ$18.75
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Maxigesic PE Cold, Flu & Sinus Relief Tablets 20 - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

…PE Cold, Flu & Sinus Relief Tablets 20   Maxigesic PE is a world-first specific combination for Cold, Flu & Sinus Relief developed for…

Price: NZ$7.95
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Maxiclear Sinus Relief tablets 30 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies - Expiry 02/19

For sinus relief, the choice is clear... MAXICLEAR. MAXICLEAR is a pseudoephedrine-free product, helping to keep you free from the pain and discomfort…

Price: NZ$7.75

Sudafed PE Sinus + Pain Relief Tablets 20 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

Sudafed PE Sinus + Pain Relief Tablets 20   Use Sudafed PE Day and Night Relief tablets for sinus pain relief and when you have sinus headaches with a…

Price: NZ$13.25
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Flixonase 24 Hour Nasal Spray 120 Dose - Quantity Restriction (3) Applies - Expiry 03/19

Flixonase - Same Product / New Packaging   Flixonase Allergy & Hayfever provides effective relief from all the major symptoms of airborne…

Price: NZ$19.95

Nature's Sunshine HistaBlock Capsules 90

Nature's Sunshine HistaBlock Capsules 90   Benefits:* HistaBlock contains a powerful blend of herbs and nutrients that naturally enhance immune…

Price: NZ$25.99
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Ki Immune Defence & Energy Formula Tablets 60

…Persistent reoccurring infections* Allergies or seasonal hay fever and sinusitis* Exam or testing preparation, increased workload* Fatigued and run…

Price: NZ$37.25
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Healtheries Congestion Relief Tablets 30

…30   Why use Congestion Relief tablets? Ughhh. Stuffy sinuses. Blocked noses. Phlegmy chests. Whether it s colds in Winter or hayfever…

Price: NZ$9.60
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Sanderson Sinus & Allergy FX Capsules 60

…with excessive sinus drainage.   The enzyme blend in this product is intended to nutritionally support healthy sinuses through both systemic…

Price: NZ$20.30
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Vicks Sinex Extra Fresh Nasal Spray 15ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies - Expiry 11/18

…that gives you temporary relief from nasal and sinus congestions due to colds, allergies and sinusitis for 12 hours.    With its active ingredient…

Price: NZ$10.50
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