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L'il Critters Gummy Vites Multi-Vitamin 190 - Expiry 12/18

…choice. Kids love the award-winning flavours and fun gummy bear shape. And parents can trust that their kids are getting essential vitamins and…

Price: NZ$35.90

Radiance Kids Multi Gummies 60

…ingredients include vitamin A for vision and skin health, zinc and vitamin C for immune and connective tissue, B vitamins for energy and healthy…

Price: NZ$12.40

BIOGLAN Kids Vita Gummies Multi + Vegies 60

…eating plan you can boost your child s vitamin intake to support optimal growth and healthy development * Kids Smart Vita Gummies Multivitamin +…

Price: NZ$15.10

Etica Infants & Children Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid 480ml - Tropical Berry + FREE Infants & Childrens Immune Liquid 300ml - ONLINE ONLY

…sometimes difficult for kids to get the proper nutrients from foods alone. Our Kids Cal-Mag-Zinc contains many of the vitamins and minerals which are…

Price: NZ$31.20
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L'il Critters Immune C + Zinc & Echinacea Gummy Bears 190 - Expiry 10/18

…Bears provide kids with not only vitamin C, but also zinc and echinacea. This fun and tasty gummy bear delivers Triple Action: Vitamin C to Maintain,…

Price: NZ$35.90
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Blackmores Superkids Immune Chewables 60

…5 essential nutrients including vitamin A, C, D, E & zinc.   There are some key nutrients to help support kids immune health.Zinc is a factor in…

Price: NZ$9.85
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Etica - Infants & Childrens Immune Liquid 300ml - Black Cherry

Kids Immune contains natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry and a vegan-friendly Vitamin D3 derived from lichens. It has been shown that vitamin C…

Price: NZ$31.20

Nutralife Ester C Kids Chewable Tablets 60

Ester-C For Kids Chewable Tablets are a Fun-shaped, chewable 24-hour immune support for kids with non-acidic, tooth friendly Vitamin C Beneficial for…

Price: NZ$9.90

BIOGLAN Kids Vita Gummies Omega 3 + Multi 110

…11 essential vitamins and minerals plus Omega-3 DHA to help support healthy brain function, general health and wellbeing. * Kids Smart Vita Gummies…

Price: NZ$24.90
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Centrum Kids Multivitamin 60 - ORANGE

Kids is a complete & scientifically balanced multivitamin & mineral supplement containing 18 essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin

Price: NZ$12.90

Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF50+ 200ml

…irritation. How it works NIVEA Sun Kids Pure & Sensitive formula with rich moisturising ingredients and vitamin E also protects skin from…

Price: NZ$16.20
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