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Nature's Sunshine HS II Capsules 100

Hawthorn berry, an herb regarded by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a symbol of hope and happiness, makes up the bulk of this combination. Hawthorn

Price: NZ$21.50

Nature's Way Hawthorn Capsules 90

Natures Way  Nature's Way® standardised Hawthorn leaf is a scientifically and technically advanced herbal extract standardised to…

Price: NZ$33.25
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Thompson's Hawthorn 2000 One-a-Day Capsules 30

Thompson's Hawthorn 2000 One-a-Day Capsules 30   Cardiovascular system support Traditional use in Western Herbal medicine as a heart tonic…

Price: NZ$19.50
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CardioMax WS 1442 Tablets 30

…a phytopharmaceutical extract, WS® 1442, of the hawthorn bush (Crataegus spp.).  Hawthorn is a species of plant native to Europe and is common…

Price: NZ$27.00
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GO Healthy GO Ginkgo 9,000+ Capsules 60

…for people who are susceptible to cold hands and feet. In addition Hawthorn has been included for heart health. Benefits:* Powerful one a day formula*…

Price: NZ$24.90
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Lifestream High Potency Circulate Capsules 30

…a combination of 5 warming and circulatory herbs: Ginger, Cayenne, Hawthorn, Garlic and Ginkgo.   Lifestream high Potency Circulate Supports: *…

Price: NZ$18.75
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Nature's Sunshine Hawthorn Berries Capsules 100

Hawthorn Berries Capsules 100   Hawthorn is known as the heart herb for its many benefits as a heart tonic.   Studies confirm the use of hawthorn

Price: NZ$20.30
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Lifestream High Potency Circulate Capsules 60

…the maintenance of normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Hawthorn supports healthy function of the heart and arteries and supports normal…

Price: NZ$33.50
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Hawthorn Tonique 50ml/1.7oz

A hydrating & invigorating toner Formulated with antioxidant Hawthorn, rich in vitamin C to correct skin tone Blended with Marjoram for toning…

Price: NZ$79.37

Nature's Way HeartCare Tablets 120

Nature's Way HeartCare Tablets 120  Researched hawthorn for enhanced nutritional support of heart and cardiovascular health  Nature s Way®…

Price: NZ$44.50

Harker Herbals Heart Health Liquid 250ml

…Health include - Kumarahou (natural vessel wall detergent), carrageen, hawthorn berry, yellow dock root and clove oil.   ►View all Harker…

Price: NZ$24.95

Nature's Way Garlicin HC Tablets 90

…controlled garlic plus immune supporting herbs and nutrients such as hawthorn, vitamin E, calcium and rutin for enhanced intake of heart healthy…

Price: NZ$35.50
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