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MycoNail Anti-Fungal Nail Lacquer Kit

MycoNail Anti-Fungal Nail Lacquer Kit   MycoNail® nail lacquer kit contains amorolfine lacquer 5mL, 60 isopropyl cleansing swabs, 30 nail

Price: NZ$27.99

APO-Ciclopirox Nail Lacquer Topical Solution 7ml

APO-Ciclopirox is a topical Anti-fungal solution for fungal nail infections.   Ciclopirox is a broad spectrum antimycotic with a high penetrating…

Price: NZ$11.95

Neat Feat Anti-Bacterial Foot Spray 50ml

…spread of odour causing bacteria and maintain skin and nail health.   * Between the toes * Nails * Odour prevention   ►View all Neat Feat…

Price: NZ$15.50

Canesten Clotrimazole ANTI-FUNGAL Topical Solution 20ml - Expiry 01/19

…an effective anti-fungal solution, ideal for fungal infections of hairy areas and Candidal fungal infections around the border of the nail margin. It…

Price: NZ$17.10

Daktarin Tincture 30ml - Quantity Restriction (2) Applies

…spectrum anti-fungal treatment for the all types of fungal infections. Daktarin Tincture is a liquid for treating fungal infections of the nails. It…

Price: NZ$18.75

Rejuvenail Anti-Fungal Nail Laquer 6.6ml

Rejuvenail Anti-Fungal Nail Lacquer 6.6ml   What is Rejuvenail? Rejuvenail® is a specially developed nail lacquer for the treatment of fungal…

Price: NZ$70.50

Resolve Solution 25ml

Resolve Solution 25ml   Effective, liquid anti-fungal treatment.   Resolve Solution is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it the ideal way to…

Price: NZ$9.25
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Kiwiherb Manuka Paint 20mL

…& anti-fungal activity. This premium product has been specially formulated as a natural lotion to improve the appearance of the skin and nails. *…

Price: NZ$24.50
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Lemon & Neem Nail Oil - Nourish & Strengthen 30ml/1oz

nail oil Formulated with Neem for anti-fungal & nail strengthening properties Blended with Lemon, Jojoba & Wheatgerm to promote healthy nail

Price: NZ$55.77

Kiwiherb Foot & Nail Care Cream 50g

…the nails.   Kiwiherb Foot & Nail Care Cream is an antiseptic formulation, that helps improve the appearance of the feet and nails by supporting…

Price: NZ$23.30
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