Anti Inflammatory

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Nature's Sunshine Devils Claw Capsules 100

…the gallbladder and pancreas.   Usage:* Acts as a powerful anti inflammatory.* May temporarily relieve rheumatic conditions and joint problems.*…

Price: NZ$24.70
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Rheumon Gel 50g

Rheumon Gel is a powerful, effective anti-inflammatory aimed at reducing pain from muscle pain, tendon pain, back pain, arthritis pain, and sports…

Price: NZ$17.99

Dr Reddy's Diclofenac25 25mg Fast Acting Tablets 30 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

…Relief in less than 20 minutes suitable for acute painful and inflammatory conditions * Rapid relief from sprains, muscle and period pain,…

Price: NZ$14.99

Advil Liquid Capsules 40 - Quantity Restrictions (2) Applies - Expiry 01/19

Advil - Relieves pain fast. Each Capsule contains Liquid ibuprofen for rapid absorption and fast pain relief. Advil provides temporary relief of pain…

Price: NZ$12.50
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Good Health Turmeric 15800 Complex Capsules 60

…herbs all known to modulate inflammation through decreasing many inflammatory mediators (or pathways).   The reason Curcumin is indicated for many…

Price: NZ$31.90
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Pro-Life Super Turmeric 25,000mg Tablets 60

Pro-Life Super Turmeric Tablets 60  Turmeric contains Curcumin, a potent antioxidant that helps maintain anti-inflammatory response, cholesterol…

Price: NZ$50.60
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Voltaren Rapid 12.5mg Tablets 20 - Quantity Restriction (1) Applies

Voltaren Rapid 12.5mg Tablets 20   Due to Regulatory requirements we are UNABLE to send this product to the UK or USA   Voltaren Rapid 12.5 tablets…

Price: NZ$8.85
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Anti-Flamme EXTRA Creme 90g

…natural ingredients in a soothing herbal relief crème. The difference is, Anti Flamme Extra adds germicidal Eucalyptus Oil, anti-inflammatory Clove…

Price: NZ$18.30
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Radiance Amino Glutamine 300g

Radiance Amino Glutamine   Pure premium quality L-glutamine free form amino acid in convenient powder form.   L-glutamine is classified as a…

Price: NZ$39.75

Healtheries Jointex Triple Action Capsules 60

Healtheries Jointex Triple Action Capsules 60   Why use Jointex Triple Action? Joint pain. Swelling. Stiffness. If joint problems have been slowing…

Price: NZ$17.90

Doctor's Best - Quercetin Bromelain Capsules 180 - Expiry 07/19

Doctor's Best - Quercetin Bromelain Capsules 180   Quercetin Bromelain supplies the flavonoid quercetin extracted from seed pods of the…

Price: NZ$44.95
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Dencorub Dual Action Cream 100g - Expiry 02/19

Dencorub Dual Action Cream 100g   Dencorub Dual Action Pain Relieving Cream 100g is a non-greasy, quickly absorbed cream that rubs right in and goes…

Price: NZ$9.50
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